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Although in our live show we perform everything from the '40s to today, this album is meant to be a tip-of-the-hat to the generation that triggered the age of rock 'n' roll: the '50s.  Produced by Grammy Nominated Producer Sylvia Massy (Prince, Johnny Cash), the album contains 12 songs total, 4 of which are '50s-inspired originals.
About our debut album, "Take Me Back" :
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April 19th - Cascade Theatre
Redding, CA - 4pm & 8pm

April 25th - Kool April Nites
Redding, CA - 2:30 pm

April 26th - Top Of The Mark
San Francisco, CA - 8:45 pm

May 2nd - Feather Falls Casino
Oroville, CA - 9:30 pm

May 3rd - 20/30 Club Fundraiser
Chico, CA - 8:00 pm (Fairgrounds)

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